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College Rules

  Welcome to Dinakrushna College, Jaleswar  

1. The academic session of the college is generally from 1st June to 31st May.

2. Admission : Students seeking admission in to +2 and +3 courses of Arts, Science & Commerce have to apply through SAMS (E-Admission).

3. Address : Each student must register in the college office his/her permanent and local address with Telephone no. Any subsequent change must be immediately intimated to the college office.

4. Identity Card : Students are advised to always keep with them their identity cards which will entitle them to avail of all the privileges of college students. The identity cards will have to be produced on demand.

5. Bicycles : Bicycles must be kept in the Bicycle stand provided and should be locked up for safety.

6. Fees : Fees must be paid in the College office on the days fixed for the collection. Defaulters will have to pay a fine of Rs: 1.00 along with the fees on the last working day on the month. If fees are not paid by the last working day for the month the name will be allowed only on an additional payment of Rs: 1.00 as Registration fee and a re-admission fee equal to one month's tuition fee.

7. Private Clubs & Teams : Students of the colleges are forbidden (i) to belong to any outside athletic club or any club or society which is not approved by the Government and (ii) to play for any team other than the college team without prior permission of the Principal.

8. Permission to accompany the college team outside the station : When a match is to be played outside Jaleswar, members of the team and other students who wish to accompany the team, must be obtain leave of absence from the Principal. Boarders of the hostel must apply to the Superintendent for permission to stay away.

9. Discipline : No permission is required for college students other than borders to attend political meeting but they are warned as not to bring themselves in to undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the procession. It is to be borne in mind, however, that the college exists for the purpose of education and politics in the college should be dealt thoughtful addresses. The Principal may however, prohibit all students from attending a political meeting. If he apprehends a breach of peace or communal disharmony. Students should take their seats before the lecturers enter the class rooms and should not ordinarily leave their seats during the lectures. Late comers may not be allowed to enter the class rooms and they can not claim their attendance even if they are allowed.
They should not loiter on the verandah. When they have no class to attend, they may utilize the Reading Room or remain either in a vacant room or in Students' Common Room. They must not spit on the walls, pillars or doors of the college. they must abide by such hygienic principles and submit themselves to such anti-epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal.

10. A Student who remains absent in any college examination without obtaining permission of the Principal will be fined Rs: 20.00 for each paper or his/her promotion will be withheld.

11. Consecutive absence without leave permission is a serious breach of college discipline.

  IGNOU Admission for July 2020

Data Analysis and Interpretation-Data Analysis and Interpretation


02.07.2021-Detail program for form Fill-Up

02.07.2021-Documents required for submission at the time of Form Fill up for UG 6th semester regular and Back.

02.07.2021-Form Fill up for UG 6th semester regular and Back.


19.06.2020-IGNOU Online Admission for the Session July 2020

19.06.2020-IGNOU Online Admission for the Session July 2020


01.08.2019-GE-1 (2018)


01.08.2019-Mathematics University Question Papers

01.08.2019-Mathematics University Question Papers

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01.08.2019-Philosophy Syllabus

01.08.2019-Odia Syllabus

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01.08.19-Chemistry Syllabus

01.08.19-Physics Syllabus

01.08.19-Mathematics Syllabus

01.08.2019-Botany Syllabus

06.05.2019-summer Vacation

05/08/2015-Dinakrushna College Final SSR Report

03/08/2015-AQAR Report 2013-14

03/08/2015-AQAR Report 2012-13

03/08/2015-AQAR Report 2011-12

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